Wireless Future provides consulting services in the telecommunications market for wide-ranging assessments concerning all the main radio systems (GSM/GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, LTE, TETRA, DVB-H, 802.11). The company know-how, together with the use of advanced software tools, ensures a highly specialized technical support to planning, analysis and optimization issues of wireless networks.

This service is oriented to all the players in the wireless market that can be interested in deployment, certification, management of networks and that therefore require the analyses of networks performance pre- or post- their deployment.

The simulative approach allows the analysis of many aspects, such as per-service coverage, electromagnetic field emissions levels, new services design and evaluation of their impact over existing networks, ...


Wireless Future provides customized training services covering all the main issues regarding the telecommunications market. Topics, programs and duration can be agreed directly with the customer in order to meet at best the particular requirements. According to the different topics, courses may be held by internall staff or also with the collaboration of university professors.


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